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40.562525, -85.658684~Coliseum Door.jpg
Memorial Coliseum 40.527142, -85.664091~McCullough1924 large.jpg
J.L.McCulloch School 40.555939, -85.660207~Marion Public Library.jpg
Carnegie Building 40.564, -85.665443~Marion General Hospital 2.jpg
Marion General Hospital 40.558401, -85.66672~MHSrebuilt1.jpg
First Marion High School site 40.56193, -85.665089~V000969r.jpg
Second Marion High School site 40.538264, -85.668769~V003464r.jpg
Third Marion High School site 40.41241, -85.646185~Fairmount High School Photo.jpg
Fairmount High School 40.415024, -85.650734~Scott Opera House.jpg
Scott Opera House 40.518513, -85.668501~Teter Hall at Marion Normal.jpg
Teter Hall 40.556714, -85.659735~JimmyS.JPG
Marion Civic Theatre 40.55532, -85.66083~Jay Residence.jpg
Abijah C. Jay House 40.561588, -85.662621~Funeralhome.jpg
225 West Spencer 40.562912, -85.669517~PercyNussbaumHouse.jpg
Percy Nussbaum House 40.554007, -85.659521~Seeker House.jpg
Seeker House 40.552646, -85.660213~New York Sanitarium.jpg
New York Sanitarium 40.465313, -85.735827~PattengaleFarm.jpg
Pattengale House 40.564039, -85.668023~MunnHouseArticle.jpg
Munn House 40.579289, -85.674436~Kleder House.jpg
Kleder House 40.589336, -85.733775~TawatawHouse.jpg
Nelson Tawataw Home 40.558067, -85.664121~Painted Lady.JPG
The Painted Lady 40.524498, -85.662747~3701 South Nebraska St.jpg
3701 South Nebraska Street 40.562601, -85.667114~Phipps House.jpg
Phipps House 40.563029, -85.659531~Meyer House.jpg
Meyer House 40.574644, -85.659349~Charles Mill.jpg
Charles Mill 40.559456, -85.663179~Ken's Barbershop.jpg
Ken's Barbershop 40.557741, -85.660223~Marion National Completed.jpg
Marion National Bank 40.562456, -85.660046~DavisClinic.jpg
Davis Clinic 40.553954, -85.658786~Howard Auto Sales Sign.jpg
Howard Auto Sales 40.552112, -85.663115~Bethel A.M.E. Church.JPG
Bethel A.M.E. Church 40.544689, -85.65267~Marion Paper Box Angle.JPG
Marion Paper Box 40.547689, -85.658281~Platonian2.jpg
Platonian Apartments 40.592016, -85.660615~Country Club Postcard.jpg
Meshingomesia Country Club 40.552116, -85.661505~Munn Glove Appendix M 8.jpg
U.S. Glove Company 40.545642, -85.659818~Third expansion.jpg
Coca Cola Plant 40.489912, -85.679626~Old Terminal 1.jpg
Marion Municipal Airport 40.588686, -85.674125~Woodside.jpg
Woodside - by Frank Lloyd Wright 40.518991, -85.667535~MarionCollegeArch.jpg
Marion College 40.562411, -85.667841~Broughman House 1939.jpg
Broughman House 40.559004, -85.657654~V003109r.jpg
Old Grant County Jail 40.55761, -85.667809~V002469r.jpg
Wilson-Vaughan Hostess House 40.487974, -85.637419~Israel Jenkins House.jpg
Israel Jenkins House 40.559444, -85.659724~V002715r.jpg
Columbian Block 40.529646, -85.657986~V003020r.jpg
The Farnsworth Building (later RCA, Thomson) 40.553657, -85.659515~V000324r.jpg
Gethsemane Episcopal Church 40.557496, -85.653845~V000154r.jpg
Marion Armory 40.558236, -85.659923~V002559r.jpg
Blumenthal-J.C. Penney 40.563976, -85.658904~Swayzee-Love(2001).jpg
The Swayzee-Love House 40.558921, -85.659328~V001708r.jpg
Freel And Mason Drug Co. 40.557612, -85.655709~V000872r.jpg
Cloverleaf Depot and Railroad 40.5876, -85.665545~Matter Park Well Postcard.jpg
Matter Park 40.520716, -85.638943~V001308r.jpg
Veterans' Administration Medical Center 40.559094, -85.664274~V000179r.jpg
Marion YMCA 40.444349, -85.64512~V000317r.jpg
Back Creek Friends Church 40.558319, -85.659242~V003094r.jpg
Grant County Courthouse 40.559591, -85.648674~V000187r.jpg
Ballard Field 40.533982, -85.64865~V003953r.jpg
Trolley Power Station 40.528039, -85.662932~Allen Temple.JPG
Allen Temple AME Church 40.556184, -85.660712~Sinai Temple.jpg
Sinai Temple 40.565459, -85.671655~Westminster Presbyterian.JPG
Westminster Presbyterian Church 40.554464, -85.661377~V000318r.jpg
Old First Christian Church 40.562994, -85.667345~Luttrull 4.jpg
Wheeler-Luttrull House 40.559224, -85.658416~Chamber of Commece.JPG
Chamber of Commerce Building 40.578867, -85.674514~Heinzmann 1.jpg
Heinzmann-Smith House 40.465887, -85.729365~V001281r.jpg
The town of Weaver 40.557659, -85.658362~V003111r.jpg
The Spencer Hotel 40.562158, -85.683156~V000046r.jpg
Canton Glass No. 2 40.562933, -85.683103~CantonMain.jpg
Canton Glass Company No. 1 40.571067, -85.654907~V002949r.jpg
Foster-Forbes 40.545244, -85.692952~YorkInn.jpg
The York Inn 40.566446, -85.680388~V003021r.jpg
Indiana Truck Corporation 40.563556, -85.668031~Davis House.jpg
The Davis House 40.560019, -85.657101~Folkie's.jpg
Folkie's Tavern 40.568334, -85.66831~Borkland House1.jpg
Borkland House 40.568269, -85.667827~Borkland Plastics.jpg
Borkland Laboratories 40.558582, -85.665518~HardinHouse.jpg
Hardin House 40.557154, -85.669088~ReisingHouse.jpg
Reising House 40.557802, -85.659338~Playhouse Studio Storefront.jpg
Playhouse Studio of Dance 40.562994, -85.671167~Case House.jpg
Case House 40.55243, -85.660202~WebsterHouse1900.jpg
Quilters' Hall of Fame 40.641163, -85.730602~Cemetery 1961 greyscale.jpg
Miami Indian Cemetery 40.698145, -85.907164~Frances Slocum Monument.jpg
Frances Slocum Monument

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