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Since 1897, Marion Paper Box Company has played an important role in the development of Marion. The manufacturing of paper boxes was of wide importance and part of the general activity of commerce and trade in Marion in the early 1900’s. (Marion News Tribune) Thomas G. Wall established Marion Paper Box Company in 1897. (1921 city directory) The original location of the paper box factory was at the corner of Euclid and Western Avenues. (Sanborn Map, 1896) Thomas G. Wall and his brother, John R. Wall decided to move the location shortly after to its present location at 600 East 18th Street. (Sanborn Map, 1901) The address had changed from 608-610-612 East 18th Street to its current address at 600 East 18th Street in the 1966. (1966 City Directory) Marion Paper Box Company has always been a manufacturer of paper boxes of all kinds. They also die-cut, which is the process of cutting out the shape of a box out of paper board, and partitions, which is dividers in a box.

Founding Family

Thomas G. Wall was born in Ohio. He worked at a paper mill, in Piqua, where his father was superintendent. He came to Marion in 1890. He was employed at a paper mill for seven years before he founded the Marion Paper Box Company in 1897. (Marion Chronicle, Friday Evening) In his earlier years he was a catcher with several Middle Western semi-pro baseball teams, and played into his middle age. He kept his interest in baseball until the end of his life. Mr. Wall was an active member in the First Methodist Church and served as a member of the board of directors of the Marion Young Men’s Christian Association (The YMCA). (Leader Tribune) Thomas G. Wall was married to Lucy Wall. He had two brothers, John R. Wall and Leslie Wall, and one sister, Mary C. Wall. Mary was a bookkeeper, at the factory, at various times throughout her life.

John R. Wall became president of the Marion Paper Box Company in 1900. John was president until 1920 when Thomas G. Wall took over as president. Thomas G. had been secretary and manager of the factory during the time John was president. John was married To Anna. They had a daughter, Mary Frances Wall. Mary Frances married Clark Leroy Siebold on April 27, 1918. Clark L. Siebold was born in February of 1894. Clark and Mary had four children. Betty Ann on April 19, 1920, Mildred Louise on January 4, 1922, Mary Frances on February 28, 1924 and Dorothy on June 30, 1925. Betty Ann married Kenneth Foust. Mildred Louise married Findley Christie. Mary Frances married James Daniels on Apr 29, 1944. Dorothy married Gerald Luce on December 13, 1947.

Transfer of Power

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Thomas G. Wall may have founded the Marion Paper Box Company but he however was not president until 1920. (1921 City Directory) From its founding until 1910 John R. Wall was president and Thomas G. Wall was secretary and manager. (1910 City Directory) In 1911 Mrs. Mary Wall came onboard with the staff as treasurer. (1911-1912 City Directory) The company continued with this staff arrangement until John R. Wall stepped down as president and turned it over to his brother and founder, Thomas G. Wall in 1920. (1921 City Directory) With Thomas taking over the company, he employed a new staff to change the look of the factory. He chose Merril D. Coffin as vice-president. He also hired his niece’s husband, Clark L. Siebold as secretary and Charles W. Wall, his son as treasurer. (1921 City Directory) The Marion Paper Box Company continued with the staff until 1930. (1931 City Directory) Thomas G. Wall, age sixty-nine, decided to call it quits and retired from his profession. (Marion Chronicle, Friday Evening, March 29, 1940) Merril D. Coffin became the new president. He selected Leslie Wall, Thomas G. Wall’s brother as vice-president of the company. He also kept Clark L. Siebold on the staff as secretary and treasurer. (1931 City Directory) This staff continued until 1935 when Mary W. Siebold, formerly Mary Frances Wall, took over as president. (1945 City Directory) Mary F. Siebold is the daughter of John R. Wall and wife of Clark L. Siebold. Mary F. brought a new staff with her, which included her son-in-law, Findley R. Christie as vice-president, while Clark L. Siebold stayed on as treasurer and secretary. (1948 City Directory) Shortly after James L. Daniel, husband of Mary Frances Siebold, took over as secretary leaving Clark Siebold as treasurer and general manager. (1950 City Directory) This staff remained until Gerald D. Luce was introduced as sales manager in 1958. (1958 City Directory) This staff was by far the longest running staff for they held their positions until 1970 when Findley R. Christie became president. Mrs. Betty Foust, daughter of Clark L. Siebold and married to Kenneth Foust, became vice-president while James L. Daniel and Clark L. Siebold stayed in their positions. (1970 City Directory) Betty Foust removed herself from the company in 1978. (1978 City Directory) The rest of the staff stayed until 1986 when Mrs. Mary S. Daniel, wife of James L. Daniel, became president of the Marion Paper Box Company. Her husband, James Daniel became secretary and general manager. (1986 City Directory) The factory that had stayed in the family for 100 years was sold to David D. Wilson in 1997. (1997 City Directory) David Wilson continues to own and run the Marion Paper Box Company with help from his wife, Margaret Wilson.

Employment and Business

In 1903, only seven years after its founding, Marion Paper Box Company employed around 25 people. (Marion News Tribune) The Marion Paper Box Company had employed hundreds of people at many times, but now only employs 11 people. Marion Paper Box Company does business with many companies locally as well as statewide and nearby states. (David Wilson)

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Chris Sipes submitted this paper on January 6, 2004 for Mr. Munn's AP US History class at Marion High School.