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Welcome to WikiMarion
A site devoted to the history of Marion, Indiana and surrounding areas, written by students at Marion High School for the Community History Project

Rough Times

Oral histories of the Great Depression and World War II
Rationing at Hill's Grocery during World War II


1930 Marion Lynching

In 1930, Marion was the site of a brutal double lynching from which one man, James Cameron, escaped. Cameron's later activism reignited interest in the event, beginning in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2011, students from Marion High School created a series of articles examining the event from multiple angles. Read their work here.

Migration to Freedom

The Underground Railroad in Grant County, IN

Marion Heroes


Video Documentaries

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This Old House
Histories of Significant Structures in Grant County


Made in Marion
Histories of local industries


Lest We Forget

Reminiscences of the Pioneers of Grant County, Indiana -- Oral Histories collected by Marion High School students in 1921. Annotations by Marion High School Students begun in 2007
Octogenarian Club


Special Projects