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J. L. McCulloch School is a seventy-six-year-old building that has been through many changes. The school was named after John Lewis McCulloch who was a great contributor to the community. The original school building had many state-of-the-art features. J. L. McCulloch School has also seen many changes in both grade levels and renovations. Many decades have passed since McCulloch School was originally put into use.


The land for J. L. McCulloch School was bought in 1920 from the heirs of H. J. Huiskamp ("School Plant" 1 ). The building was completed in 1924. It was named after an influential man in Marion, Colonel John Lewis McCulloch. McCulloch moved back to his native state, Indiana, in 1888 where he settled in the growing city of Marion (Whitson 670). McCulloch and his brother-in-law J. Wood Wilson then established the Marion Fruit Jar