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You can add a photo gallery to a page on MediaWiki. This may be useful if you have have more photos than you have room to display them next to the text of your article. You can also create a page that includes only a gallery. When you are editing your page, here's the what your code should look like:


image:Jay_House_Then_and_Now.jpg|The Jay House

image:Abijah_Jay_Death.jpg|Notice of Abijah Jay's Death

image:Well_at_Matter_Park_3.jpg|The well at Matter Park


The <gallery> and </gallery> tags mark the beginning and end of the gallery. Each line in between them represents one item. Type 'image:' followed by the name the image has in the WikiMarion database. If you want to add a caption for an image, put the vertical line (called a pipe), followed by the caption.