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Interview: Ella Foust (ef)
Medium: Audio tape only
Date: April 14, 1998
Place: Home of Ella Foust in Marion, IN
Collected by: Jordon Thompson (jt)

jt - My name is Jordon Thompson. I'll be the interviewer for this conversation. We are at the home of Ella Foust in Marion, Indiana on April 14, 1998. For the record, can you state your name, the date, and where we are at?

ef - I'm Ella Foust, and the date is April 14, 1998. I'm in my apartment in Marion, Indiana.

jt - Do I have permission to audio tape this conversation?

ef - Yes you do.

jt - And do I have permission to submit it to the Community History Project?

ef - Yes you do.

jt - OK. The time period we are studying is World War II. Can you give me general background about the time, like how old were you, where you lived at the time?

ef - When World War started, when we entered World War II, I was 17. I lived in Wabash County. I was a senior in high school.

jt - Were you ever married during World War II?

ef - I was married in 1943.

jt - What did your husband do?

ef - He was in the service.

jt - Service. Where was he, do you know like before he left to fight, where he was stationed?

ef - He was stationed, when he first went in, he was stationed in Tennessee, then in Georgia, and then when we were married he was at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

jt - Where was he shipped off too during the war?

ef - He was stationed in the South Pacific. He served on Boganville, and the Battle of Luzon in the Philippines.

jt - How did this affect you at home, like emotionally, like did he send letters, did you guys keep in contact?

ef - Oh yes. I wrote everyday, all the time he was in, almost six years. And I got letters as often as he could write. Which was usually pretty often.

jt - <pause> Can you remember anything that, I mean, he could have stated that showed his attitude towards where he was at?

ef - Well, he would have rather been home. But . . <pause> I don't know, he wanted to do his part.

<incomplete transcript>