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Project Ideas


  • Marion High School has only been covered in the first location. Someone could extend the article by doing the second and current locations.
  • There are many old schools in Marion that have not been written about--Emerson, Jefferson, Washington, Horace Mann, etc. Some are still standing.
  • The Post Office
  • York Inn
  • In neighborhoods that are more recent or don't have significant buildings, some social history of the neighborhoods would be nice.
  • There are plenty of churches that haven't already been written about. First Presbyterian, possibly First Methodist, and lots of others.
  • Old theaters downtown
  • Emily E. Flynn Home
  • Samuel Plato buildings that haven't been written about
  • The Mecca Club
  • Quilter's Hall of Fame (or Marie Webster herself)
  • 4H fairgrounds. (Is this the same as the old Goldthwait Park?)
  • Girl Scout Cabin


  • The Johnstown flood should be a high priority project. There are some spectacular pictures to draw people in, connections can be made to the Johnstown, PA flood [[1]], and this has lots of interesting threads connecting to social class.
  • Labor temple bombings
  • Murder at the Hostess House
  • Desegregation of the Matter Park Pool
  • Marches in... '69?
  • The Easter Pageant--We don't have an article on the site about it, although it comes up in many interviews. Has an article been written but not digitized?


  • Various projects relating to railroads and interurbans. Where did the tracks go? Who and what traveled on them? When did they peak, and why have they declined? Which are still in use? Which are rail-trails?
  • Small and unincorporated towns in Grant County.
  • Basketball? It's pretty important to Marion, but a project on it would need to find some way to go deeper than scores and records.
    • What about other sports? Lincoln Field? Idyll Wild Roller Palace?
  • Rise of the Bypass and North Park Mall, decline of downtown, revitalization efforts. There's lots of opportunity to tie this to national trends of post-WWII suburban growth and urban revitalization efforts from the late 70s to present.
  • Projects that (in part) synthesize other projects. Samuel Plato homes, assessing claims to underground railroad status.
  • Mildred Dilling
  • Marion Conservatory
  • The Library of Congress has recordings of string musicians from Marion made during the 1950s and 60s. We would need some money to have these digitized, but it could be very interesting.
  • Marion Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Other music in town?
  • Willis van Devanter
  • Marie Webster
  • Newspapers - What papers have existed? When did they merge? What kind of politics or "flavor" did they have?
    • Other media - WBAT?

Works in Progress

With many of the files below, I have scanned the original paper and run it through OCR software to convert the images to text. The output is sometimes messy. For instructions on how to convert these files into presentable articles, click here.

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